The new way to generate qualified marketing and sales leads.

Engage & qualify leads at scale with your very own conversational AI email assistant.

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Meet your new AI Sales Assistant

Say hello to the newest member of your sales team. She's tenacious, tireless and always polite - working in tandem with your human sales reps to help them engage, qualify leads and book meetings at scale.

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How does Saleswhale work

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Reach out contextually at scale

Reach out to all your marketing-generated leads, be it from events, white paper downloads, trial signups - at scale.

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Respond autonomously with intent

Qualify your leads through two-way email conversation and separate the tyre-kickers from serious buyers.

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Handover qualified leads

Handover qualified leads that are primed and ready for a sales conversation to your human sales people.

How Saleswhale helps you

Boost Marketing ROI & Attribution

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Complement Marketing Automation

Give marketing automation tools such as HubSpot & Marketo a boost by using Saleswhale in tandem

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Two-way conversations

Have a back-and-forth conversation with every single one of your marketing generated leads

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Increase Returns, Higher Conversion

Increase the ROI of your marketing campaigns by converting long-tail and stale leads.

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Conversational Insights and Analytics

Conversational insights and thematic analysis from unstructured textual data to help you understand your customers better.

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With Saleswhale, we are able to generate 2.5x more meetings for our Client Solutions team - making it the best tool in closing the gap between Sales and Marketing.

Rena Tan

Regional Marketing Director
Randstad SEA

Your Very Own AI Assistant

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Receive only hot leads

Receive pre-qualified and sales-ready prospects who are ready to talk

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No more juggling

Reduce the amount of time juggling early-stage leads who are not quite ready to buy yet

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Automatic re-engagement

Your AI assistant works tirelessly in the background for you to re-engage stale leads

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Conversational Insights

Enrich your records with new phone numbers, decision makers, competitive insights

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Saleswhale has been great at helping us to reach out to more students and to make sure we can do that faster. It was easy to set up, with great assistance from the Customer Success team! Now we can follow up with 100% of our students, and make sure we get them the right information when they need it.

Jono O'Brien

Regional Admissions Director
General Assembly

How our customers are using Saleswhale

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Go beyond lead scoring

Saleswhale helps to engage leads that are not immediately actioned by the sales team - engaging them in two-way conversation to sniff out if they are ready to buy.

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Re-engage Stale Leads

Saleswhale's lead ingestion and engagement engine works with your CRM to help automate re-engagement with stale and lapsed leads in your database.

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Cross-sell Customers

Saleswhale allows you to set up pre-defined rules to engage existing or old customers, send them more information, and set up upsell or cross-sell conversations.

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