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Automated lead conversion for modern revenue teams

Use AI to automate conversion of marketing and product qualified leads into sales meetings today. No favors from your sales team required.

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How Saleswhale works

Saleswhale's AI lead conversion system helps you discover pipeline you didn't know you had. See how we can help you increase lead conversion by 2.5x without generating more top-of-the-funnel leads.


Identify neglected leads

Over 67% of marketing / product qualified leads are ignored or underworked by sales reps. Segment leads in your CRM by low sales activity, or recycled MQL scores.

Step 1

Enroll leads from your CRM

Quickly integrate Saleswhale with your system of record. Easily build powerful re-engagement workflows with our Integrations connector.

Step 2

Select from proven conversation playbooks

Saleswhale has dozens of pre-built use cases and best practice messaging recipes. Or, build your own conversation playbook from scratch.

Step 3c

AI interprets responses and handles replies

Start and manage email conversations with thousands of leads easily. Our AI is able to handle common scenarios such as requests for content, OOO, referrals, "not the right time" and DNC.

Step 4b

Immediately hand over qualified leads to sales

When Saleswhale discovers a lead ready to talk to sales, we will immediately introduce the sales rep who owns the lead in the same email thread. This saves your sales team time, and generates more pipeline for them.

Step 5
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We complement your tech stack

Saleswhale plugs seamlessly into your workflow, runs autonomously in the background, and takes your entire lead journey to a whole new level.

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Saleswhale pulls leads from your database of choice


Customize your lead conversion journey with Saleswhale playbooks


Engage, qualify and handover only sales-ready leads to Sales Reps


Hear from our customer heroes

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    My goal is to drive the maximum amount of opportunities, pipeline and revenue to the business from the marketing dollars I have. That’s where Saleswhale came in for us, and it has been a fantastic decision.

    Nisha Goklaney
    Marketing Director Sage
    Elena Sanchez

    We have generated quite a number of quality business opportunities so far. The tool has an intuitive interface and the overall service and support from Saleswhale is superb.

    Elena Sanchez
    Head of Marketing Unit4
    Ing. Bojan Manevski

    We increased our student intake by up to 10% each semester and saw returns on our investment within a month. Saleswhale is the right choice for us.

    Ing. Bojan Manevski
    Head of Global Student Recruitment InterActive Pro
    Rena Tan

    With Saleswhale, we can generate 2.5x more meetings for our Client Solutions team. It’s the best tool for closing the gap between sales and marketing.

    Rena Tan
    Regional Marketing Director Randstad

Don’t just take our word for it

    4.8 on logo-g2crowd
    "Hundreds to thousands of hours saved, perfect follow-ups, a steady flow of outbound leads, one person managing it."
    Francisco M, Global Shopex
    4.8 on logo-g2crowd
    "Relieving human bottlenecks, increasing sales leads"
    Kevin L, Y-lab National Gallery
    4.8 on logo-g2crowd
    "We implemented it for just over a month and experienced a 3% qualifying rate, as well as a 100% conversion rate into appointments."
    Shawn D, Cegos APAC

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