Get more revenue from your qualified leads

Saleswhale’s AI sales assistant gives you full visibility into the outcomes of your qualified leads. She also ensures that every lead gets sufficient sales follow-ups. When marketing and sales work off the same lead data, they can collaborate better on strategies to grow revenue for the business.

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Prevent hot leads from slipping through the cracks

It can be hard for sales to remember to follow up with all the qualified leads they get from marketing. Your AI sales assistant sends friendly email nudges to sales, ensuring that these valuable conversations take place.


Help sales focus on what they do best

No more chasing sales for regular updates on how your qualified leads are doing! Your AI sales assistant collects lead follow up data from the sales team’s calendars, inboxes, and CRMs. This enables sales to concentrate on turning your leads into customers.


Align marketing and sales on lead outcomes

Your AI sales assistant gives marketing and sales access to the same pipeline metrics, such as number of meetings scheduled and closed-wons. Now you can collaborate with sales better on strategies to convert more leads into customers and increase revenue.


With Saleswhale, we are able to generate 2.5x more meetings for our Client Solutions team - making it the best tool in closing the gap between Sales and Marketing.

Rena Tan

Regional Marketing Director
Randstad SEA

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