Find out about the best-kept secret of modern demand generation marketers

When we surveyed over 174 B2B marketers, we realized these were the common challenges they faced:

  1. Leads slipping into a black hole

  2. When sales does not follow up on good leads 

  3. Limitations of marketing automation and lead scoring

  4. Downside of staffing up with SDRs to qualify leads

In this eBook, we share our insights into the above 4 key challenges that plague B2B marketers.

We dissect in detail the limitations of today’s traditional tools and processes, and how modern marketing/demand generation leaders today can overcome them.


Some key highlights

  • Learn why your hard-earned marketing generated leads don’t seem to be converting as well as you would like
  • Find out more about why certain common tools and practices to get more MQLs don’t work well enough
  • Uncover the one secret that innovative marketers use that separates them further ahead of their competition

After Saleswhale, we were able to make sure every single one of the 1,600 leads received follow ups. This directly led to another 324 more sales opportunities delivered to the sales team within half a year.

Testimonial image of Elena

Elena Sanchez

Head of Marketing, Unit4 APAC

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