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Following up with thousands of prospective students is challenging. Saleswhale's AI sales assistant solves that challenge by engaging everyone over email without fail. She'll support applicants throughout the long enrollment process, until they are ready to make the big decision.

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Never lose any potential students

Personalized emails have higher response rates. Let your AI sales assistant follow up with everyone personally, and make sure they get the help they need.

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Focus on the right candidates

Got thousands of applications pouring in? Your AI sales assistant can ensure that all applicants satisfy basic admission criteria, before they move on to the next stage.

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Shorten admission

Your AI sales assistant works 24/7 having conversations with prospective students. Thanks to her dedication, some of our client schools have cut the time taken to enroll by a few months.

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Cross sell and upsell courses

Students might need help to decide how to further their education. Your AI sales assistant can help them decide by recommending other suitable learning opportunities.

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14 man-days of follow ups saved

by EtonHouse's AI sales assistant in seven months

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60% Three in five emails sent are opened

Thanks to the The Learning Lab's AI Sales assistant

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652 Sales qualified leads added

To General Assembly's pipeline in one year

Education Use Case

Prompt and personal response to every inbound lead

Education is a major decision for many parents. EtonHouse’s AI sales assistant supports parents by reaching out to those who made online enquiries and following up with them, until they are ready to decide on their children’s enrollment.

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Retain more existing students through cross-sell and upsell

The Learning Lab’s AI sales assistant checks in on parents and asks about their children's’ Learning Lab experiences. She also gives parents a heads up about other Learning Lab programmes that are relevant to their children.

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Re-engage prospective students who previously indicated interest

General Assembly’s AI sales assistant reaches out to everyone who had attended the school’s free events and workshops. She keeps in regular contact with them, sometimes for as long as six months, until they decide on whether to enroll.

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