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Your AI sales assistant extracts valuable customer data, such as contact details and referrals, from the many email conversations she has with your leads. This data syncs back to your system of record, so you can be sure that your marketing database is always updated.

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Data Collection Capabilities

Here are some types of customer data that your AI sales assistant is able to collect and store.

Capture follow up dates

Sometimes, leads are not ready to buy, don’t have budget, or are too busy. They ask that you follow up with them at a later date. Your AI sales assistant notes down their preferred dates so that you will not miss the next opportunity to re-engage them.

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Capture contact details and job titles

Marketers spend a lot of money and effort to earn customer data. But if you do nothing to your hard-won data except store it, it will decay fast — by about 22.5% every year! Your AI sales assistant makes up for those lost contacts by capturing new data and updating the contact details in your database.

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Collect and create referral leads

Your lead may not be the right person to speak to about doing business. They may refer you to the relevant decision maker instead. Your AI sales assistant captures this new contact’s information, stores it, and auto-engages the decision maker.

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Collect rejection reasons

Your AI sales assistant captures and classifies the many reasons why a lead decides not to buy, so you know how to proceed with them. For example, a lead that said “not right now” can be re-engaged in the future.

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Benefits of data collection

Through thousands of email conversations, your AI sales assistant collects a lot of data about your leads. Here’s how it helps you make sense of it.

Insights & Reports

How many of your leads were handed over to sales? Which type of organization responded most favourably? What was the most common reason for not buying? Your AI sales assistant compiles insights like these into a report.

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Sync to your CRM

Have a CRM that you rely on as a single source of truth? Saleswhale integrates with leading platforms, like Salesforce. So every time your AI sales assistant collects new data, it sends it back to your CRM, keeping your database updated.

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Not only has our Saleswhale assistant effectively nurtured leads but also helped to identify leads that were otherwise considered 'lost'. The team has been super helpful too and have always suggested and implemented intuitive and creative ideas to make the solution work for us. We look forward to rolling Saleswhale out to all our schools in the near future and are excited about the possibilities that it would open up for us.

Bipasha Minocha

Group Brand and Marketing Director

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