Leading Marketing Teams Use Saleswhale
to Drive Revenue from their Salesforce leads

Hand over higher quality leads to your sales team. Saleswhale’s AI sales assistant works in tandem with your marketing automation system to identify the most sales-ready leads.

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Complement Marketing Automation

Saleswhale works well together with your marketing automation tools, such as HubSpot, Marketo, Pardot and Eloqua, to increase the ROI and sales attribution from your marketing campaigns.

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More effective than lead scoring

Lead scoring is an inexact approximation that leads to lost opportunities. The long tail of lower-tier leads are often outright not contacted by sales teams. Saleswhale engages leads in actual conversations, and only hands over leads who are qualified and ready for a sales conversation.

Lead nurturing to lead conversion

Marketing automation and Saleswhale goes well together like peanut butter and jam. Marketing automation helps to nurture leads, and keep your brand top of mind. Saleswhale identifies hot leads that are ready for a conversation, and converts them to qualified leads for your sales team.

Two-way Conversations At Scale

Saleswhale is the first conversational AI platform that actually has a two-way conversation with your leads - engaging them, qualifying them, and even sending relevant collateral. This allows you to open up new and interesting lead engagement strategies for your business.

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Send more information to aid decision process

Saleswhale is able to handle simple requests for information, including sending attachments and collaterals, to leads who are not quite ready to engage with your sales team yet.

Ask for and handle referrals in email conversations

Saleswhale is able to ask for referrals to the right decision makers, and handle the referral to continue the conversation with the new point of contact.

Attributable Lift in Revenue

On average, our customers see a lift of 30% to 250% in qualified sales meetings booked for their sales team, through their AI sales assistants uncovering the valid but dormant sales opportunities from marketing-generated leads.

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Improves marketing’s direct impact on revenue

Modern marketing teams are increasingly being measured by impact on revenue, instead of just generating top of the funnel leads. Your AI sales assistant is able to tangibly improve marketing's contribution to the bottom line.

More accountability for marketing leads

Gain more visibility into what happens to your marketing-generated leads. How many leads were engaged? Handed over to sales? Converted into opportunities? Which lead sources are performing best?

Conversational Insights and Analytics

Your AI assistant automatically extracts structured data from email conversations with your leads - enriching your marketing database and giving you valuable insights into your marketing campaigns.

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Data collection

Saleswhale helps you reverse database rot by enriching your database with valuable customer data, such as phone numbers, job titles, net-new referred leads, and more. On average, customers are able to add 27% new contacts to their database annually via Saleswhale.

Insights & reports

Your AI assistant is able to extract named entities, rejection reasons and follow up dates. This allows you to answer questions such as: "What is the most common rejection reason?", "Which competitors' name keeps frequently coming up in conversations?" and more.

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