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Marketing Experiments Template

This Airtable template helps you to brainstorm, plan, collaborate, and track execution of your marketing experiments. It's inspired by the growth experiments system developed by Darius Contractor while he was at Dropbox.

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A systematic way to plan and execute your marketing experiments

This template was first referenced during a Masterclass with Jason Widup.

It helps you democratize brainstorming, plan, prioritize and track execution of your marketing experiments.

The Airtable template includes an experiment workflow kanban, an experiments calendar, task tracker, to make it easy for you to keep on top of your experiments.

It also comes pre-loaded with 20+ experiment ideas across the funnel to inspire you.

You'll get...

  • An Airtable template to track experiments, inspired by growth leaders such as Darius Contractor and Guillaume Cabane.
  • A Loom video walkthrough on how to operate the marketing experiment template.
  • Comes pre-loaded with 20+ marketing experiment ideas across the entire funnel, to inspire you.

One thing I saw at Dropbox is a lot of really smart people build a lot of things, but not always utilizing all their genius and not always being able to share their insights with one another as they prioritize experiments and built experiments. One of my favorite things about the tool is you can visualize a growth pipeline for each of your metrics."

Darius Contractor

VP Growth, Airtable (creator of the original EVELYN system, which this growth tool is based off)

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