Talk to sales-ready leads.
Every day.

Imagine having a sales team member, who works 24/7 yet never complains. Persistent yet polite. Follows up with every lead, and identifies the sales-ready ones. The rest of your team laser-focuses on turning those hot leads into closed deals. Yes, it’s all possible, with an AI sales assistant!

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Meet hot leads only

Imagine going to work every day to find sales-ready leads in your pipeline. That’s possible with an AI sales assistant whose sole job is following up with leads and qualifying them. By the time she hands the lead over to you, the lead is ready and eager to talk sales.

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More closing deals, less chasing leads

Tired of chasing early-stage leads that take a long time to decide whether to buy or not? Let your AI sales assistant work on those leads, while you focus on more meaningful tasks. Like negotiating and closing deals.

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Automatically re-engage with stale leads

Got hundreds of thousands of forgotten or old leads in your database that no one touches? Your AI sales assistant will reach out to every one of those stale leads and reignite lost sales opportunities.

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Save important customer data

Your AI sales assistant extracts important customer data from the many conversations she has with leads. She works well with leading CRM platforms like Salesforce, so data like contact details and follow up dates will be reflected in your CRM platform right away.

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Works well with others

Saleswhale integrates with the world’s leading CRM platforms

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Integration logo Hubspot Coming Soon
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Not using any of the above?

Our developer-friendly Saleswhale API makes it easy to integrate your workflow with your existing CRM system.

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Saleswhale has effectively added a team of sales people to Randstad Sourceright across Asia Pacific. Its clever marketing has increased our client engagement with new and existing contacts plus allowed my Senior Business Developers to spend more time creating great solutions for our clients. Saleswhale is now an integral and irreplaceable part of our of sales engine and I would highly recommend it to both small and big businesses.

Blaise Habgood

Senior Vice President, Business Development
Randstad Sourceright

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