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Kickstart your ABM campaign in minutes, not months

With Prasana William, Hubspot Regional Marketing Manager

And Gabriel Lim, Saleswhale Co-founder & CEO

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Kickstart your ABM campaign in minutes, not months

Most information and articles on the internet about ABM can be a little hand-wavy and abstract.

If you are still looking for an explanation on what is ABM, what the benefits are, and why you should use ABM - this is not the article for you.

Here's a case study of our best performing ABM campaign, in Feb 2020 that led to $210,000 in revenue in 45 days.

Elena Sanchez

After Saleswhale, we were able to make sure every single one of the 1,600 leads received follow ups. This directly led to another 324 more sales opportunities delivered to the sales team within half a year.

Elena Sanchez

Head of Marketing, Unit4 APAC

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