Engage leads with personalised two-way conversation, at scale

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What can I do with two-way conversations?

Two-way conversations is the difference between performing a monologue, and having a dialogue with your prospects. Depending on your prospects' responses - your AI assistant can present information, send attachments, handle objections, qualify leads, and even ask for referrals.



Two-way conversations at scale

A human sales person can engage 25 - 75 prospects a day in high-quality conversations; not inclusive of following up with leads who forget to reply. Saleswhale can conduct tens of thousands of high-quality conversations with different prospects simultaneously, never dropping the ball - and always remembering the context of the current interaction.


Sales Whale

Saleswhale Learns Over Time

Your AI sales assistant will learn to handle different responses over time, and update her own conversation tree to elicit the maximum amount of replies. She will optimise for goal conversion on each conversation topic, such as setting up meetings or scheduling phone calls.

Sales Whale
Sales Whale

Saleswhale is a trusted member of the sales team

Sales reps love their AI assistants, because she helps them quickly turn initial interest from prospects into scheduled sales calls. She's always personable, polite, and most importantly - persistent.

Sales Whale