Drive more pipeline from your webinars

Sift out sales conversation-ready leads and route them automatically to your Sales team with the industry's first free Email Webinar AI Assistant


The First Email Webinar 
AI Assistant

Let's start with the problem.


You run a webinar, and drive a ton of registrations and attendees.


You then shortlist a list of qualified leads and hand them over to Sales for follow-up.


Unfortunately, most of the leads generated are not ready to talk to Sales yet.


It’s nearly impossible for Sales to give every single lead the same amount of attention. So the vast majority of leads you generate are left untouched by Sales.


Marketing automation and traditional nurture programs only goes so far.


Traditional nurture campaigns are great at educating prospects, and keeping them warm. But these nurturing campaigns cannot proactively identify sales conversation-ready leads.


All the above leads to a disconnect between marketing and sales, and wasted potential opportunities and revenue.


If you are a marketer who cares about marketing’s impact on pipeline creation, this is incredibly frustrating.


That's why we decided to build an Email Webinar AI Assistant.


Automating inhuman work for your sales & marketing team

Here's how it works.


Your Webinar Email AI assistant sends a natural, human-like email to thank people for attending your webinar (or send a recording link to registrants who missed it).


Content Offer Play


The AI assistant then offers a piece of content or value-added offer as a call-to-action:


“Would you be interested in receiving a PDF of the top four challenges that AI assistants solve for demand gen teams?”


Saleswhale’s advanced AI technology is used to manage conversations with people who reply.


If a lead replies positively, your AI assistant will send over the relevant piece of marketing collateral. And continue the conversation:


“Perfect, I’ve attached the PDF below. Let me know if you have any questions. Would you be interested to learn more about how our software works?”


If the lead raises their hands to request for a sales meeting / demo, the AI assistant will then loop in the right salesperson for the account (by cc’ing them directly into the email thread):


<cc: brandon@whaleware.com>

“Great! I’ve roped in my director of sales, Brandon, who can help share more about how our platform works.”


Your AI assistant is also able to handle:

- Referrals

- Out of office replies

- Not Interested responses

- Re-engagement (“not now, check back again in 3 months.”)

- Unsubscribe / opt-outs


We believe that the future of sales-marketing alignment is collaborative intelligence.


No more tedious work. No more friction with your sales team. Just more sales-ready conversations, and more conversions.


Generate more pipeline for your sales team from your webinars today.

The best part?
This tool is free. Forever.

We will be rolling out invites soon. Invites will be sent out in chronological order of sign-ups. To get on the list, request for early VIP access below.