Drive more registrations to your webinars

Remove friction from your webinar invite process and increase conversions dramatically with the industry's first free Email Webinar AI Assistant


The First Email Webinar 
AI Assistant

Let's start with the problem.

Here's the traditional way of inviting webinar attendees - Send out a lengthy email via Marketo, HubSpot or Pardot. Email contains a registration link that points to a form.

This creates tons of friction for your users.. which leads to an unsurprisingly high drop off rate.


We talked to over 100+ demand generation marketers. And we found out most marketers are losing 50% - 80% of webinar registrations from all the layers of friction.


That's why we decided to build an Email Webinar AI Assistant.


Automating inhuman work for your marketing team

Here's how it works.

Your Webinar Email AI assistant sends a natural, human-like email to invite people for your upcoming webinar.

The call-to-action is simple: "Do you want me to register you for this webinar? Just reply 'I'm in', and I'll take care of the rest."


When someone replies with a positive intent, our AI assistant understands, and takes action accordingly.

The person is automatically registered on your webinar platform (Zoom, ON24, WebEx etc.), and synced to your CRM and marketing automation platform.


We dogfooded this product internally for our previous webinar, and it led to 200+ additional registrants


We would love to put the power of human + AI Collaborative Intelligence in your hands too.

No more tedious work for you.


No friction for your users.


More webinar conversions.

The best part?
This tool is free. Forever.

We will be rolling out invites soon. Invites will be sent out in chronological order of sign-ups. To get on the list, request for early VIP access below.