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Remain top of mind with event leads

The first vendor to follow up with leads after trade shows has a huge advantage in terms of staying top of mind. Your AI sales assistant never forgets to follow up right away.

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Nurture the leads that aren't sales-ready

Segment your leads according to company type, size, industry, etc. Get your AI sales assistant to nurture them by sending each segment compelling content offers.

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Identify and engage key decision makers

Not every event lead can drive business decisions. If they refer you to the right people, your AI sales assistant can store this referral lead in your database and auto-engage them.

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Gain visibility into lead outcomes

How many of your event leads received follow ups? How many were eventually converted into customers? Your AI sales assistant can crunch the numbers and give you insights.

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34 Man-days of follow ups saved

thanks to Stratus Technologies' AI sales assistant

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209 Sales qualified leads

added to Unit4's pipeline in ten months

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65% Event follow up emails opened

sent by Zimperium's AI sales assistant

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Connect with leads who did not turn up at your booth

Unit4's AI sales assistant reaches out to potential customers that the team didn't get a chance to connect with at events. She mentions the event that the lead and Unit4 attended, briefly explains Unit4's business, and requests to share more over an introductory call.

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Prompt and seamless post-event engagement

To nurture the leads who visited Zimperium's booth at events, Zimperium's AI sales assistant initiates one-to-one email conversations with them. In her emails, she shares more about the company and offers to schedule an introductory call.

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Reignite relationships with old event leads using content offers

Stratus Technologies' AI sales assistant reconnects with event leads from about a year ago. She starts by offering to share a relevant content offer with the lead. After a few email exchanges, if the lead is ready, she offers to link them up with a sales person.

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